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Purchasing the right travel insurance policy

Travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

Some standard travel insurance providers will not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. In order to get additional cover, you should look for travel insurance providers who cover pre-existing medical conditions however this will most likely come at a higher premium.

Why is travel insurance more expensive?

Some of the biggest costs to travel insurance providers are the medical and emergencies costs racked up by customers who needed medical attention when abroad. In some instances costs such as emergency repatriation and hospital treatments can take costs into millions of pounds.

Due to these enhanced costs and the probability of a policy holder requiring medical attention when abroad, the premiums for pre-existing medical condition insurance are high. Whether you have a serious condition or had a minor medical event from many years ago, you must disclose this to your travel insurance provider else, your travel insurance cover may be declared void.

Even policy holders who have been cured may need to give this information to their travel insurance provider to be on the safe side. Unfortunately this can also lead to increase in premiums but it is very important that you give all the accurate information to your travel insurance provider to avoid the policy being declared void when you need it the most.

Medical Questions

When looking for pre-existing medical condition travel insurance cover the travel insurance company will ask a range of questions which can sometimes be very personal and in-depth. Whilst this can be frustrating, it is an important part of the process so that the travel insurance company can provide a policy which is bespoke to you and it allows them to accurately work out the risk.

Unfortunately failing to declare a medical condition, intentionally or unintentionally can lead to a claim being rejected, leaving you to pay the full amount from your own pocket. Whilst it is tempting to go for the cheaper travel insurance premium by withholding information, please note, that the insurance company can access your medical records when a claim has been put forward. So no matter how major or minor the medical condition, always inform the travel insurance provider in advance.

Once the questionnaire has been submitted, the following are the various outcomes:

  • You will be offered a standard travel insurance policy depending on the type and severity of the condition
  • The insurance company may exclude medical cover for the pre-existing conditions
  • You may be offered full cover but it will be at a higher premium
  • You could be refused travel insurance completely
  • There may be other restrictions imposed or even be made to pay higher excess payments in the event of a claim.

Compare Over 30 Travel Insurance Providers

Save Up To £39.78* On Your Travel Insurance

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