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NOW Broadband explained

With NOW broadband you can get a wide range of premium TV, broadband internet, and home phone packages. You can bundle all services into one package with NOW.

NOW is a subsidiary company of Sky who offers on–demand TV programmes and services, a bit like Amazon Prime video and Netflix. You can get Sky’s popular TV programmes or sports channels without a long-term contract and you do not need a satellite dish to stream NOW.

NOW offers superfast fibre broadband and standard broadband, which you can take out without a contract or as a fixed term contract.

Is NOW broadband any good?

  • Flexibility – Unlike other broadband providers, you are not required to sign up to long-term contracts or a fixed term broadband package. You can choose a broadband contract option for 12 months or you can simply agree a monthly rolling contract that you can stop at any time.

    NOW broadband can be ideal for tenants or someone who is looking to move frequently as you can end NOW service at any time without being forced to pay cancellation charges.

  • NOW Subscription – You can simply subscribe to monthly or daily subscription passes to watch a specific channel or a programme. You can also choose a day or weekly pass to watch Sky Sports for any sporting event such as Test cricket, Premier League football or Formula 1 motor racing. NOW monthly pass is ideal if you are looking to watch a month long sporting events such as the premier league because you only need to pay for the months you want to watch.

    To watch NOW TV, you are not required to have NOW broadband services; but you do need to have a broadband service as all NOW TV services are available via online stream.

  • Can be expensive - Rolling contract are often slightly more expensive than long term fixed contracts. You are also required to cancel your rolling contract otherwise; they will simply roll you over for the same period.

    NOW services are flexible but can be expensive, it will depend on your individual need on how you prefer to use NOW services.

Customer service and NOW contact details

Now TV and Broadband service have over 8000 reviews on Trustpilot.

NOW TV community

available 24/7 and have over 1000+ questions and answers on common issues

Live Chat helps line

You can use their online chat function to speak with an advisor from 8am to 12am every day of the week.

Now broadband options

They offer three different types of broadband options:

NOW broadband packages

1. Brilliant Broadband

The cheapest options available and you can get an average speed of up to 11Mbps with unlimited download allowance. It also important to notice which comparing broadband options, Brilliant Broadband is an ADSL standard line based broadband service and not fibre.

  • 11 Mbps average speed
  • 12 months contract terms
  • Activation fee - £0
  • Delivery fee - £5
  • Line rental included within the price
  • Unlimited downloads allowed
  • Ideal for basic streaming and browsing

2. Fab Fibre

You can get an average speed of up to 36Mbps with unlimited download allowance but your speed can vary depending on how far you are from the main exchange or the street cabinet. Fab fibre is more reliable than Brilliant Broadband as fibre is usually a lot more resilient with heavy usage.

  • 36 Mbps average speed
  • 12 months contract terms
  • Activation fee - £0
  • Delivery fee - £5
  • Line rental included within the price
  • Unlimited downloads allowed
  • Ideal for online games and streaming shows and movies

3. Super Fibre

The fastest broadband option with NOW TV and can get an average speed up to 63Mbps which also comes with unlimited downloads. The fast speed will allow large households to stream at the same time or play games without lags or buffering issues.

NOW offers free delivery and £0 setup fee for NOW broadband options.

  • 63 Mbps average speed
  • 12 months contract terms
  • Activation fee - £0
  • Delivery fee - £5
  • Line rental included within the price
  • Unlimited downloads allowed
  • Ideal for downloading big files, streaming HD and playing online games

What other services you can get from NOW TV home broadband offering?

Sky Sports packages / channels Yes
BT Sports / BT Sports app No
TV channels Yes, you can by using NOW TV Smart box
Fibre optic broadband service Yes
ADSL broadband service Yes
Mobile phone deals and packages No
Call package options Yes
International calls No

Router and installation for NOW broadband services

It is very easy to set up the router and broadband from NOW and you are not required to book an engineer for this setup.

They supply simple instruction to follow which are:

  • Plug in cable in to your master phone socket
  • Plug the micro filter in to the socket and then plug the router supplied and your phone as labelled.

Once you do that you are ready to start using NOW broadband services.

NOW TV Hub 2 vs NOW Broadband Hub

NOW TV Hub 2 NOW Broadband Hub
Modem  VDSL2 and ADSL2+ port   ADSL2+  and VDSL port
Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac 802.11n 
Bands 5GHz and 2.4GHz available bands to choose from  2.4GHz only option 
Stated speed 1600Mbit/s 144 Mbps 
Upgradable antenna No No
WAN ports NO No
LAN ports 2x 10/100/1000Mbit/s 4 x 10/100 Ethernet ports
USB ports No No
Wall mountable No No
USB services No No
What's in the box  3 pin power adaptor plug Uk power plug 
Grey ADSL cable  ADSL cable 
NOW TV master microfilter  Micro filter 
Microfilter  How to set up booklet 
Set up guide  Wi-fi card 
Wi-Fi card  Legal document 
The nitty gritty booklet

  • Name: Now TV Broadband
  • Parent company: Sky Limited
  • Operated in Regions: UK
  • Plans offer: TV and Broadband
  • IPv6 Support: No
  • Ofcom Code of Practice: Yes
  • Relocation Support: Yes
  • ISPA Member: Corporate
  • Customer Service Number: Freephone numbers 0800 and 0808
  • Customer reviews: 8309 Trustpilot

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