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March 22, 2017
Cheap Business Broadband and Phone Deals_FreePriceCompare

Cheap Business Broadband and Phone Deals_FreePriceCompareHow to find the best business Telephone and Broadband deal?

Internet and telephone are basic communication requirements for any business. It helps client engagement, collaborative working and streamlines business processes. For this, you need a reliable service provider that offers uninterrupted service at budgeted rates. As a business owner, you will also have specific requirements like a fixed IP address, complete security and flexibility. There are many broadband suppliers in the UK that will offer packages designed according to business needs.

A dedicated business broadband service will cover the following aspects:

High speed and download limit: Business packages tend to offer a good download speed and some service providers guarantee good upload speed as well. This helps to reduce business traffic during peak times of the day. If your business requires transferring large files then you need a high speed broadband connection.

Scalability and security: Increasing the number of nodes would be mandatory with business expansion. Thus, one needs a supplier that offers high scalability for business telephones and broadband services. Choose a supplier that offers complete security of hardware, software and data.

Support: While choosing a cheap broadband deal, you cannot let go of services like customer support provided by broadband suppliers. Your business will need broadband support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Depending upon the kind of business, you may also need urgent support service from the supplier.

How to get the cheapest telephone and broadband deals in the UK?

This is where comes into the picture. It is a leading site providing flawless comparisons between various telephone and broadband suppliers across the UK. We can give a quick business solution as far as your broadband needs are concerned. For this, our first step would be to understand your business including the number of people using the internet, number of sharing nodes and more.

Our free service will help you in the following ways:

  • By giving comparison about various features like data streaming rate, speed, data limit, data plan, line rental, data packages, scalability factor and more, we will suggest a supplier that offers the best service at an affordable cost.
  • If your current supplier is over charging then by checking the comparison, you can easily switch to a better supplier.
  • With us, you can actually find the difference between speed advertised and actual speed given by the broadband supplier.
  • For landline phones, we give you a comparison between call costs to landline numbers, mobiles and overseas calls. You can choose a supplier that gives the lowest call costs.
  • Our FREE reminder service alerts you for the finishing date of your broadband contract thus saving you from auto renewal. You can choose to renew the plan or opt for another supplier.

To sum up, is your one stop solution for getting the telephone and cheapest broadband supplier in the UK. We will also complete the required paper work for switching the supplier leaving you to concentrate on your business.

I am new to the business property can you help me get the cheapest deal? / New business? / How can I get new telephone line installed?

If you are a start-up business (new business) or simply new to the commercial property and are looking for a new telephone and broadband supplier with a new line, than things can be very difficult especially when you are still finding your feet. You’re probably unaware of who your current supplier is or you may simply not have one. What’s more, you may be getting bombarded with calls from various agents trying to sign you up to a contract which probably isn’t right for your business.

At, we take the time to understand your business needs so we may guide you to the options which are best suited. We also assist you in finding out who your current supplier is, so we can process the switch to cheaper rates smoothly and quickly.

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